Paper GEMS!!!

My latest addiction is paper jewelry, can’t stop thinking about it, nor can stop making it

I learnt watercoloured paper jewelry making from Ross Barbera’s blog. I loved the idea so much that I had to try it.

So here is my take on her art. I made these four pendants.

I used drawing paper and three water colours – blue, green and yellow to make these.

I randomly dabbed colors(mixed with water) on the paper till the entire sheet was covered. Once done, I sprinkled cooking salt on the colours (this gives the textured look) and left it to dry over night.

Once the sheet was completely dried, I scrubbed off the excess salt and cut out two pieces of each shape desired (for front and back)

I also cut out the two same shape of each piece in plain paper. So I had four pieces of each shape.

I pasted the black string in between the two plain paper pieces and stuck them together with glue.

Once the string was firmly attached, I pasted the colored paper pieces on front and back of the base pendant (made of plain paper with sting in between) and left them to dry overnight.

Finally I coated them with varnish.
And they were ready to be flaunted!!!


Self Rating – 8.5/10
Status – Happy, but need to so better
Tip – sprinkle the salt when the colors are wet, or the textured effect wont come

So try it and let me know how it goes.

-May ART be with you©