Throw your HATs

My younger brother, Vikram graduated from Business School in May, and we all(my folks and me) attended the Graduation Ceremony.

For the occasion, I wanted to gift him something special and more importantly, I wanted to wrap it in college/graduation themed gift wrap.

So, keeping in mind the theme, I gift wrapped the gift I got him (Boston Legal All Seasons DVD pack) in this wrapping.

Its a black paper Graduation Hat.

I started by making a box with a lid for the DVD pack. Its a regular box made by wrapping the paper around the pack.

The HAT is made of the same paper, I used a square piece of paper (almost double the size of the box’s base) and scored it along the black dotted line and folded and pasted the paper along the white dotted line to make a smaller square piece.


Once the lid of the HAT was dried, I hand made the blue tassel with some spare satin string available at home (will show how I made it in my future post) and pasted it with the help of plastic black button.

And, its done!!!


Self Rating – 8/10

Status – My brother loved it, but tore it off immediately to get his DVD’s out!! I am glad I had taken few photographs earlier at home.

 So, go ahead and give this gift wrapping a try, its easy to make and is super cool.

Let me know if you need any help making it, by either mailing me on or leave your query in the comments. 

 So, till next time, Adios!!!!


                                                                                                 -May ART be with you©